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 Role-playing Unofficially

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PostSubject: Role-playing Unofficially   Wed Jan 20, 2016 12:50 am

Hyper Life Roleplay
Gang Management

Role-playing unofficially means having your starting members hang around with you, creating RP and engaging other players ICly before your application is accepted. This means your members are not to be in an existing faction or family. In the past, we've allowed a degree of leniency, however if we find your starting members drifting off into other gangs or factions, we will view it as a lack of dedication and indicator that your gang would not do well once official- resulting in the denying of your application. If you want to be accepted, you need to prove to us that you are serious and willing to stick around.

Like many things, some gangs sound great on paper- but when put into action, fall apart. We need to see that your gang looks as great in-game as it does on the application. Role-playing together unofficially is the way to convey that to us.
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Role-playing Unofficially
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