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 [Read Before Posting] Community Help Center: A Basic Guide

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PostSubject: [Read Before Posting] Community Help Center: A Basic Guide   Wed Jan 20, 2016 12:19 pm

Hello, and welcome to all- Helpers, staff, new players,
and veterans alike.

This part of the forums is where you can give and receive help for all things server-related as well as some issues you may have encountered with your game's files or modding.
Here's a quick rundown of how things work:

What you can expect:

• To get help for anything and everything
pertaining to the game and this server
• Any question(s) you may have will be answered
by either our knowledgeable Helper team, staff,
or even regular players.
• Access to a wealth of information 24/7,
regardless of whether or not you can get in-
game and use /newb or /requesthelp.
•Timely responses to any questions you may

Answering questions; do's and don'ts:
Do give a clear, detailed answer. Pictures
are preferred if they facilitate understanding.
Do be polite to the person asking the question.
Formality is not required, manners are.
Do be mindful of possible language-barriers.
We are a very diverse community. Not everyone's
English will be flawless.
Do not post repeat answers for any reason.
This is excusable on /newb in-game when we
all type at the same time. Not so much on a
forum with 5 minutes to an hour-plus
between answers.
Do notanswer a question if you do not know the
full answer.

A few rules we enforce, to maintain peak helpfulness of this section

• No posting troll questions or answers.
• No posting on a question unless you
are providing an answer, additional clarification,
or are the original thread creator seeking further
• No posting useless, irrelevant content (including
but not limited to reaction images, etc.)
• No posting repeat answers, unless you're
providing it with vital clarification that has not  
already  been provided.

Failure to comply to any of the rules and regulations outlined
above may result in forum-infractions and possibly temporary
forum bans.
You can find the form to submit a question http://hyperlife-rp.forumtl.com/t27-questions-and-answered Questions
submitted without use of the form will be closed.
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[Read Before Posting] Community Help Center: A Basic Guide
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