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 Ban Appeal - "Format" how to banned appeal

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PostSubject: Ban Appeal - "Format" how to banned appeal   Tue Jan 19, 2016 1:23 am

Please Note: Questions proceeded by an asterisk (*) are compulsory.

[color=#FF0000]Name of Banned Account:* What is the name of the account that is banned[/color]?

[color=#FF0000]Banned from[/color]:* [color=#FF0000]In which area of the community were you banned[/color]? [color=#FF0000]"Game or Teamspeak[/color]?"

[color=#FF0000]IP Address[/color]:* Not required, but it might be asked.

[color=#FF0000]Date of ban[/color]:* What date banned you're account?

[color=#FF0000]Reason for Ban[/color]:* What is you're Reason?

[color=#FF0000]Your in-game level[/color]:* What is level of your IG?

[color=#FF0000]Why do you think you should be unbanned[/color]?*

[color=#FF0000]Which administrator banned you[/color]?*
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Ban Appeal - "Format" how to banned appeal
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