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 James_Warson - Federal Bureau of Investigation application [APPROVED.]

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PostSubject: James_Warson - Federal Bureau of Investigation application [APPROVED.]   Sat Jan 23, 2016 2:16 pm

First Name:James

Last Name:Warson

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 18 - 5 - 1990

Marital Status: Single.

Current Employment: Detective.

Address: Los Santos, Richman, 155

Phone Number: 243-45

E-Mail Address: James.Warson @ live.com (( It's not the real one ))

Total years lived in the state of San Andreas: 5 years.

screenshot of /stats.:

Screenshot of /licenses.:

Have you been indicted of any crimes? If yes, state the crime(s).: Never.

Biography: I was born on February 7, 1987 in Las Venuras. Growing up it was hard. My father had left my mother when I was only a baby. This put an ample amount of stress on my mother. She was a single woman trying to raise two boys all on her own. As time passed the bills continued to pile up, as bills pilled up the more worried she became. My brother and I had resorted to criminal acts to help pay the bills. We would rob houses, kids, really anything that would make us some cash for we could help our mother out.
My life continued to spiral downward. I was on the wrong path. I had been committing violent crimes without getting caught. Because of this I didn’t stop; I went from robbing houses and kids to holding up stores at gun point.
However we all know every criminal gets caught eventually. I was contacted by a man offering a deal of a life time. He stated he wished to speak to me in private and that the phone lines were no longer safe. I was given directions to meet this man in the parking lot near the bank in Los Santos. I began to drive to this location with a car full of illegal materials, a loaded MP5, and drugs under my seat. As I arrived I seen a man with a bandana covering his face and glasses covering his eyes. He appeared to be a very well dressed man. He lifted his arm to call me to his location. I had pulled right up next to him. No sooner then I got out I had been swarmed by numerous FBI and cop cars. I decided not to put up a fight and cooperated.
Luckily they had no evidence to put on me for the previous crimes I had committed. However with a car full of illegal materials and drugs (and the MP5 that was found on me) I was sent to Demorgan for 2 years, and a possible one year release with good behavior.
Even after being sent to Demorgan my crime life didn’t stop. I smuggled drugs throughout the jail, got into fights with other gang members. It all changed when we were out on the court yard. A few friends and I were playing basketball when a guard came out to patrol the yard. The guard passed a few notorious gang members in the jail; they quickly aroused and followed the guard into a no camera zone. Suddenly a loud scream echoed throughout the jail and the alarms went off. Everyone was to hit the deck as quickly as possible. Instead of getting on the ground I ran to the scream to see a guard stabbed numerous times.
From that moment on I decided this isn’t what I wanted. I don’t want to see innocent people hurt for no reason. I served the rest of my time in good manner and was released 1.5 years into my sentence.
I feel as though I should put all the cards on the table. I don’t feel a need to hide my past as you will find out about it anyway. What is done is done, I just wish to change my ways.

Why are you interested in joining FBI? : I'm a detective and I always help police officiers, I've learnt many things from them, My role is to keep everyone in los santos safe, and fight the criminals... There are many Gang Activities in streets that shouldn't be done, and my role is to stop them.. I would like to be one of this Department so I can help everyone, and I can locate and search for every criminal... I'm an experienced Detective and I know what I have to do. Serve and protect.

List your strongest qualities and skills, and how these skills can help the FBI: I'm skilled in many gun, I've been in a Shooting School for many years, I know how to use all guns.. I have many qualities, such as Strict, I mean, I don't laugh or do something else while I have to work! My role is to serve and protect, I'm calm, not quick-tempered. and I have many other qualities..

OOC Information
Age: 21


How long have you been playing this server? 1 Day.

State Warnings and Bans and reasons why: Never been Banned/Warned/Kicked.

Do you have Teamspeak 3 with a working microphone? Yes.

Previous name(s):--

Is this your main account? Yes
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Jack Leix
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PostSubject: Re: James_Warson - Federal Bureau of Investigation application [APPROVED.]   Sat Jan 23, 2016 3:37 pm

Dear applicant,

Your application has been received by the relevant authorities of the F.B.I.

After analyzing and reviewing your experience and qualifications, I'm pleased to inform you that your application has been successful at this time. Your application has been approved.

We'll contact you shortly.

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James_Warson - Federal Bureau of Investigation application [APPROVED.]
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