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 Administrative Complaints||Complaint against Robby_Willkinson

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PostSubject: Administrative Complaints||Complaint against Robby_Willkinson   Thu Jan 28, 2016 8:31 pm

Your in-game name:*

Lamar_Riggs , But Me , Samantha_Evans , John_Riggs are complaining about him.

Date of Incident:*

Thursday , 29th of January , 2016.

Which admin(s)?*


Reason for complaint:*

Abuse of power / OOC Insult.


Well , we were fighting with each other ,cuz there was a mistake and Natz made Robby FBI director while I'm the director of FBI , Well, he quit the FBI and joined a family , and he tried to kill us as a revenge , 1st time , he abused his cmds to tp to us , also he used Health Hacks so he was unbeatable , when he went off duty admin and turned off his hax , we rushed at him to kill him , but he started refilling his armor and health using hax , but we killed him , so he abused /revive and went on duty and started to kill us  while he turned on GOD mode in s0beit and started to kill us , he killed samantha then me , and tp'ed to john after john /report'ed against him and killed him, IF U CHECKED THE LOGS U WILL FIND HIM USING THE SAME CMDS , after that he abused his cmds and to prison us and playing with his friends , hacking , and tp'ing his friends to us to fk with us , and started to threat us and  ask us to leave the server and OOC insulted , so I didn't wait , I insulted him ooc'ly too...

SS'es and Videos:

I got about 5 videos , but can't upload them on youtube or something cuz my internet sux , if the SS'es didn't show anything , I'll post the videos..

I made an album for him tho....

That's all, Tell me if the SS'es aren't useful , I'll share the videos if u said tho......
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PostSubject: Re: Administrative Complaints||Complaint against Robby_Willkinson   Thu Jan 28, 2016 11:15 pm

Resolved Administrative Complaints
Robby_Willkinson has been removed from the admin team due to his Abuser.
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Administrative Complaints||Complaint against Robby_Willkinson
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