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 Vega Devil Leader Application

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PostSubject: Vega Devil Leader Application   Sat Jan 30, 2016 9:33 am

Name:Vega Devil



Phone Number:63098

Biography ( a minimun of 100 words ):Hello. I am John Chriss. I borned in America, Los Santos, All Saints General Hospital. After twenty years after i borned, i worked in Gsoft. Thats a company who makes computers. I was scripting computers. After a year, i got fired. Because i scripted something wrong. I had a girlfriend, a lots of money, Didnt smoke, Did not used any drugs or illegal stuff. I was a normal citizen. I worked as a pilot once. My payment was just too high. And then, i thinked i could join LSFMD. After some years i broughed a house, i broughed a bussines. I was so happy. I am still happy. I got a family, a house, a bussines. I lived my life for LSFMD. I really wanna join. And one day, i was on road with my family. And the cops pull me over. It was allright. I didnt get arrested or something like that. After 1 years my son was 18. My wife divorced me. I was all alone. Now everything fixed. And im all right. We are happy with our family. If i join LSFMD, I would dream.. I Would dream to become the leader of LSFMD..

Why do you want to become a leader of  LSFMD:i want to become a leader of lsfmd because i have passed experience on the other server and im alway's leading this faction if i joining some server
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PostSubject: Re: Vega Devil Leader Application   Mon Feb 01, 2016 3:55 am

Unsupport ITs a fucking Dmer and A fucking Run fast
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Vega Devil Leader Application
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