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 James_Warson - Federal Bureau of Investigation application [Denied.]

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PostSubject: James_Warson - Federal Bureau of Investigation application [Denied.]   Tue Jan 26, 2016 2:58 pm

First Name: Lamar*

Last Name: Riggs*

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 11/7/1993*

Marital Status: Single*

Current Employment: None*

Address: 11,Richman,Los Santos.*

Phone Number: 26924*

E-Mail Address:((cant post it before 7 days of registration *

Total years lived in the state of San Andreas: 5 years*

Social Security Information:*


Have you been indicted of any crimes? If yes, state the crime(s).: None*

Past Law Enforcement Agencies and Ranks: San Andreas Government - Rank 1/Rank 5 - Samantha Evans*

Biography: My name is Lamar Riggs , I was born in a country side near San Fierro , My father was a farmer and my mother wasn't working , I sometimes used to help my father , but I loved to play , one time my mother saw me playing around , she called me to come , when I came she was angry , and holding a stick made of wood , I came closer to her but I was afraid , and suddenly she punched me several times saying : "We delivered you not to play , but to work! and become with a high position in this world" , I started to cry , and ran to my room , I didn't sleep , I was thinking the whole night about what my mother said , I slept for about 3 hours , when I woke up , I went to help my father in his farm , After about 2 weeks , My father changed , he became mysterious and always worried , and always talking about death , and when I make a fault he always say :"After i die , will you make the same fault?" . After some days , I went to help my father in his farm , as I do everyday , but I didn't find him in the house , I went to the farm searching for him , but I also didn't find him! , I started to look around the farm and the house , Until I saw something in the sight , I saw like more than 5 cats under a tree , I came closer until I found my father in the middle and the cat around him , I was amazed , and I called my mother to come , we both started to cry , and I saw a knife covered with blood , and there was a piece of paper beside it , written on it "I will be back" , I was worried , I took the knife and washed it from blood , I wanted to see who is the killer . I made a tree-house on a tree beside our house , I slept in it several days watching the house , until I found someone running to the house , until he was near the house with about 10 meters , and then he started to sneak I slowly got down of the tree house using a ladder , and I started to sneak around the house until I was behind him , once I saw his back I ran toward him with the knife I found , as I cut off his neck with the knife , he fell down bleeding a big amount of blood , I felt as if I am on the top of the world after that , After some days , I took the decision to travel to Los Santos in order to make money , I arrived to Los Santos and started to work as a Crate Delivery guy after 3 days , I heard from our neighbors that my mam was died , I felt very sad , and wanted to achieve her dream which was to be a high position in this world. *

Why are you interested in joining FBI? I want to protect the city of San Andreas from criminals , I want every citizen in Los Santos to feel safe , and I want to get rid of criminals in the country where I've lived for five years.  *

List your strongest qualities and skills, and how these skills can help the FBI: Good Shooter , So I can kill dangerous criminals , I'm  sports man , I can run fast and do much other things , I've trained much fighting styles , I'm a good Snip , Perfect driver.*

OOC Information
Age: 17*

Country: Egypt*

How long have you been playing this server? 3 days*

State Warnings and Bans and reasons why: None*

Do you have Teamspeak 3 with a working microphone?*
Yes(No mic)

Previous name(s): None*

Is this your main account?*
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Jack Leix
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PostSubject: Re: James_Warson - Federal Bureau of Investigation application [Denied.]   Tue Jan 26, 2016 5:11 pm

Dear applicant,

Your application has been received by the relevant authorities of the F.B.I.

After analyzing and reviewing your experience and qualifications, I regret to inform you that your application has not been successful at this time. Your application has been denied due to the following reasons:
- (FBI Already Taken)
-low efforts.

FBI Director
Jack Leix
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James_Warson - Federal Bureau of Investigation application [Denied.]
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